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2013 WNBF World Championships

***2013 World Championships – 2nd Place Bantam-weight*** And lessons learned… …The salty, tangy heat of the buffalo chicken calzone surrendered to an irritating buzz.  The dingy, local grub stop – complete with rusty rack of Wachusett potato chips and blue Mass lottery machine – evaporated before me.  Although blurry-eyed, my alarm clock’s laugh was undeniable. [...]

WNBF Pro American 2012 – Pro Debut

2012 WNBF/INBF Pro American & Northeast Classic  On June 2, 2012 Andy Kalinowski stepped onto the World Natural Bodybuilding Stage for his pro debut- and he couldn’t have picked a better venue. Promoted by 3-time WNBF World Champion natural bodybuilder Nancy Andrews, the WNBF Pro American is one of the top WNBF shows year after year. After [...]

02.12 Natural Bodybuilder Andy Kalinowski- Courtesy of Worcester Pulse Magazine

By Tine Roycroft Shrewsbury’s Andy Kalinowski is a modern day Superman.  During the day, commuters walk next to him through the cold, gray streets of the city as Kalinowski makes his way to his job as a public accountant.  In one hand, he has his trusty laptop.  In the other, he holds a bag filled [...]


If you’re feeling courageous and want to live a little… “dangerously” -or should I say Righteously?!  Try this natural bodybuilding breakfast on for size. GUILTLESS, CHOCOLATE-BANANA Bodybuilding CRAPE You’ll need:  -5 Egg whites -1 Scoop Chocolate Casein Whey Protein -Cinnamon -Stevia Extract -Banana Extract -Walden Farms Calorie Free Peanut Butter -Walden Farms Calorie Free Carmel [...]

Cogito Ergo Sum

Cogito Ergo Sum

July 28, 2011 | Comments Off | Living Righteous, Uncategorized

COGITO ERGO SUM ~Adam Legionary, Bodybuilder & Writer Cogito Ergo Sum: I think therefore I am. These words of wisdom were originally dropped by the philosopher René Descartes at the turn of the 17th century. And through the ages, they have stood the test of time as a to-the-point representation of the power of the [...]

Silent Heroes: Un-praised Champions

You Too Can be a Silent Hero & Un-praised Champion Mainstream media coverage and social acceptability are a seductive façade of what many may consider success.  But at Righteous Muscle, the end never justifies the means. In order for the sports of natural bodybuilding and fitness to consistently and credibly push the realm of genetic [...]

WNBF Pro American & INBF Northeast Classic 2010 “In Retrospect”

Every year the Pro American and the Northeast Classic are the first to usher in the new season for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and its amateur league, the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation.  Year after year on the stage of the infamous Marlboro Middle School competitors from across the country go head to head in [...]

Welcome Competition Season 2011

It’s that time of the year again… Time to get back into the competition mindset, to hit the weights with renewed vigor, and take the intensity to the next level- not to mention getting back on the pre-contest diet, counting macros and weighting food. Last year is gone, there’s no use in talking about the [...]

Andy Kalinowski: Northeast Classic 2010- 1 Day Out

1 DAY Out: THAT’S JUST 24 LONG AWAITED HOURS LEFT. Here’s an update of the latest fitness and meal plan macros: Peak week went well, but there’s always room for fine tuning the nutritional, exercise, and supplemental regimen.  Over the course of the last week I’ve been micromanaging sodium, potassium, water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, supplements, [...]

Andy Kalinowski: Northeast Classic 2010- 2 Weeks Out

2 Weeks Out: Here’s an update of the latest fitness and meal plan macros: Still harnessing the power of the four day bodybuilding split(check out the previous article), but added A.M. and P.M. Cardio, (a brisk walk on an incline), for 40 minutes each session, five days a week. Carbs: 150grams- Only Whole grain brown [...]