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2012 WNBF/INBF Pro American & Northeast Classic 

On June 2, 2012 Andy Kalinowski stepped onto the World Natural Bodybuilding Stage for his pro debut- and he couldn’t have picked a better venue. Promoted by 3-time WNBF World Champion natural bodybuilder Nancy Andrews, the WNBF Pro American is one of the top WNBF shows year after year.

After twenty week of grueling contest prep through his first public accounting busy season, Andy arrived on stage boasting a symmetrical physique and his personal best conditioning.

On Friday June 1st Andy missed the lightweight cut-off by only a couple pounds; nevertheless, it was that very conditioning and symmetry that allowed him to fight his way up the heavyweight ranks, where he earned 4th place.


Contest Results:

2012 INBF Northeast Classic and WNBF Pro American Results
June 2, 2012
Marlborough, MA
Promoter: Nancy Andrews

Judges: Head Judge Dr. Rick Silverman, Jim Broderick, Jordan Chabinsky, Wendell Webb, John Yobst, Kim Nobrega, Laura Tourtellot, Julie Chapleau and Cara Volpicelli

Pro Figure

  1. Glory Billman
  2. Penny Seabolt
  3. Cyndy Bohn
  4. Melissa Joy Dittmar
  5. Tara Martin
  6. Suzanne Barlas
  7. Tina Peratino
  8. Nadine Ianello
  9. Monica Yarnall
  10. Lori Gianoulis

Pro Fit Body

  1. Kristin Fonseca
  2. Tina Peratino
  3. Cyndy Bohn
  4. Melissa Joy Ditmar
  5. Tammy Downes
  6. Erin Duggan
  7. Tricia Countie
  8. Suzanne Barlas
  9. Lori Gianoulis

Pro Women Bodybuilding

  1. Erin Duggan
  2. Kristin Fonseca
  3. Tammy Downes
  4. Leslie Crook
  5. Tricia Countie
  6. Theresa Maloney
  7. Daisy Williams

Pro Men Lightweight

  1. Ullysses Fowler
  2. Alex Groumbas
  3. Anthony Delgado
  4. Chris Casazza
  5. Sean Campbell
  6. Antonio Bongiovanni
  7. Eric Gibson
  8. Patrick Ngoma

Pro Men Heavyweight

  1. Francisco Montallegre*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Levi Burge
  3. Ray Little
  4. Andy Kalinowski
  5. Tim Pitka
  6. Chris Applegate
  7. Stu Yellin

Novice Bikini

  1. Kaleigh O’Neil
  2. Briane Corey
  3. Roberta Texiera
  4. Terin Draper
  5. Katie Keating
  6. Kristen Gramazio
  7. Daisy Sanchez
  8. Kelly Bornstein
  9. Jenna Marshall
  10. Rose Anderson
  11. Christine Foti
  12. Dianne Boisvert

Open Bikini

  1. Sarah Meyer
  2. Brittany Spearin
  3. Lupe Lomeli
  4. Lindsay Fitzgerald
  5. Kristen Sama
  6. Pam Trow
  7. Tracey Staehle
  8. Shannon Stanley
  9. Natasha Linton
  10. Kate Pickett
  11. Michelle Gergerian

Master’s Bikini

  1. Kelly Bornstein
  2. Tracey Staehle
  3. Donna Desper
  4. Robyn Mays
  5. Jen Jacek
  6. Angela Averi
  7. Judy Oliver
  8. Christine Foti
  9. Debbie Casey
  10. Joanne Gianini

Novice Figure Short

  1. Elisa Perez*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Chloe Fellman
  3. Andrea Kaligheri
  4. Sherri Benedetto
  5. Kate Pickett
  6. Dianne Boisvert
  7. Erica Gifford
  8. Gia Davis Harrison
  9. Amy Smith
  10. Linda Julien

Novice Figure Medium

  1. Terin Draper
  2. Amy Beth Baron
  3. Tracy Staehle
  4. Michelle Gergerian
  5. Kristin Stymiest
  6. Rose Anderson
  7. Donna Desper
  8. Jeanine Dziama
  9. Kellie Watts
  10. Julie Ayotte
  11. Debbie Casey
  12. Judy Oliver
  13. Jennifer Caron

Novice Figure Tall

  1. Robyn Mays
  2. Charlene Lyman
  3. Jennifer Finch
  4. Lisa Smith
  5. Naomi Godfrey
  6. Jennifer Burtt
  7. Susan Sintros
  8. Merideth Timony
  9. Jenna Marshall

Novice Master’s Figure Short

  1. Amy Beth Baron
  2. Tracey Staehle
  3. Jeanine Dziama
  4. Donna Desper
  5. Sherri Benedetto
  6. Gia Davis Harrison
  7. Judy Oliver
  8. Debbie Casey
  9. Donna Johnson
  10. Linda Julien
  11. Lori Trueman

Novice Master’s Figure Tall

  1. Robyn Mays
  2. Jennifer Napolitano
  3. Charlene Lyman
  4. Jolanta Godwod
  5. Lisa Smith
  6. Susan Sintros
  7. Naomi Godfrey
  8. Shari Marsh
  9. Debbie Burns

Open Figure Short

  1. Arielle Salasky
  2. Jamie Scarlett
  3. Shannon Stanley
  4. Pam Trow
  5. Heather Sanford
  6. Julie Harris
  7. Liisa Jackson

Open Figure Tall

  1. Emily Wirling*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Kerri Ernwein
  3. Darcy LaPila
  4. Jennifer Napolitano
  5. Nellie DaSilva
  6. Dierra Pernell
  7. Benetta Taylor
  8. Karine Pilon
  9. Beth Ann Hickey

Classic Figure

  1. Jolanta Godwod
  2. Ida Messerman
  3. Donna Johnson

Master’s Figure

  1. Benetta Taylor
  2. Heather Sanford
  3. Jennifer Jacek
  4. Julie Harris
  5. Beth Ann Hickey
  6. Liisa Jackson
  7. Linda Brodeur

Open Women’s Lightweight Bodybuilding

  1. Tammy Poirier*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Armen Kevorkian
  3. Dawn Brophy
  4. Kandace Pardales
  5. Jill Hetrick
  6. Carolyn Gaurino
  7. Laleh Talebian

Open Women’s Middleweight

  1. Janet Esterkes*** Additional WNBF Pro Card Winner
  2. Linda Mirabito
  3. Janelle Arigo
  4. Janet Wetzell Gieger
  5. Melissa Naegeli
  6. Poppy Gillingham
  7. Amy Korim

Open Women’s Heavyweight

  1. Isabelle Marois
  2. An Labb
  3. Lisa Kelly
  4. Lynn Drehobl
  5. Josie McClary
  6. Natalie Lynch
  7. Merilyn Pagen


Master’s Women Bodybuilding (40-46 Years)

  1. Tammy Poirier
  2. Dawn Brophy
  3. Janelle Arigo
  4. Kandace Pardales
  5. Josie McClary
  6. Janet Wetzel Greger
  7. Natalie Lynch
  8. Poppy Gillingham
  9. Laleh Talebian

Master’s Women Bodybuilding Over 46 years

  1. Janet Esterkes
  2. Armen Kevorkian
  3. Linda Mirabito
  4. An Labb
  5. Lynn Drehobl
  6. Lisa Kelly
  7. Jill Hetrick
  8. Carolyn Gaurino
  9. Melissa Naegeli
  10. Amy Korim

Fit Body Short

  1. Jamie Scarlett*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Isabelle Marois
  3. Kandace Pardales
  4. Chloe Fellman
  5. Andrea Kaligheri
  6. Julie Harris
  7. Carolyn Gaurino

Fit Body Tall

  1. Darcy Lapila
  2. Dierra Pernell
  3. Benetta Taylor
  4. Kristin Stymiest
  5. Karine Pilon
  6. Debbie Burns
  7. Beth Ann Hickey
  8. Liisa Jackson
  9. Kellie Watts

Master’s Fit Body

  1. Kandace Pardales
  2. Josie McClary
  3. Benetta Taylor
  4. Janelle Arigo
  5. Julie Harris
  6. Beth Ann Hickey
  7. Carolyn Gaurino
  8. Debbie Burns
  9. Linda Brodeur
  10. Gia Davis Harrison
  11. Liisa Jackson
  12. Lori Trueman


  1. Zach Gonzalez

Junior (Under 24 Years Old)

  1. Justin Randall
  2. Matt Klune
  3. Eric Berner
  4. Matt Wilbur
  5. Zack Gonzalez
  6. Michael Lambert
  7. Leroi Rodriguez
  8. Eddie O’Grady

Super Class (Over 60 Years)

  1. Reynolds Shepherd
  2. Frank Clark

Grandmaster’s Men

  1. Russell Young
  2. Reynolds Shepherd
  3. Frank Clark
  4. John Wozniak

Master’s Men

  1. Ramon Alicea
  2. Will Smith
  3. Don Ferrera
  4. Brian Regan
  5. Reynols Shepherd
  6. David Colonna
  7. Kyle Libby
  8. Cosmo Ferro
  9. Jason Bouchard
  10. Mark Storti

Novice Men

  1. Dwayne McClary
  2. Jared Welcome
  3. Matt Wilbur
  4. Zachery Saad
  5. Sarko Gergerian
  6. David Colonna
  7. Cosmo Ferro
  8. Jason Bouchard
  9. John Wozniak

Open Men Lightweight

  1. Don Ferrera
  2. Justin Randall
  3. Ramon Alicea
  4. Phoung Dang
  5. Andrew Cost
  6. Carlos Silva
  7. Mark Storti

Open Men Middleweight

  1. Jesse Wilson
  2. Andrew Scott
  3. Matt Klune
  4. Reynolds Shepherd
  5. Brian Regan
  6. Zack Gonzalez
  7. Eric Berner
  8. Alfonso Mendoza

Open Men Light Heavyweight

  1. Jonathan Arnold*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Vic Cuzzupe
  3. Kevin Richards
  4. Peter Munoz Bennett
  5. Joel Bayas
  6. Kurt Berner

Open Men Heavyweight

  1. Will Smith
  2. Russell Young
  3. Donnie Talley
  4. Michael Lambert
  5. Joe Malinn

Cogito Ergo Sum

July 28, 2011 | Comments Off | Living Righteous, Uncategorized


~Adam Legionary, Bodybuilder & Writer

Cogito Ergo Sum: I think therefore I am.

These words of wisdom were originally dropped by the philosopher René Descartes at the turn of the 17th century. And through the ages, they have stood the test of time as a to-the-point representation of the power of the human mind. Though Descartes didn’t share our united appreciation for the iron, his fundamental philosophy has unknowingly influenced the performance of successful bodybuilders and power-liftersfor decades.

Like the Latin language itself, the mental approach to bodybuilding has long been forgotten by the majority of gym-goers worldwide. The psychological aspect of the iron game is consistently being overlooked in favor of more literal concerns: things like exercise choice, number of sets, and number of reps. Although these things have an important role in our sport, they’re inconsequential if you’re not psychologically prepared to approach them with the mentality indicative of a champion, and more importantly a warrior. Anyone can go in and “do” five sets of squats. But a set to me and a set to the prepubescent kid sitting at the juice bar are likely two entirely different things. Intensity leads to immensity. A mental state of self-assuring maniacal consciousness needs to be attained before physical limits can be transcended. The mental approach to physical progression continues to be put on the back-burner, as the spiritual warrior now finds his home between the pages of antiquated literature; not in the arena where he belongs. Bodybuilders, power-lifters, and strength athletes worldwide represent the contemporary gladiator as they fight for survival in the coliseum of Iron. As such, we as athletes need to approach battle with the same conscious mentality indicative of the warrior of ancient times. Resurrection of this unyielding mindset is imperative to the enrichment of ourselves, and our individual conquests.

There’s no reward for walking through the gym door, half-assing a workout, and then going home.

If you want to survive in this game leave your self-doubts, regrets, and negativity at the door. Heavy weight doesn’t sympathize with whining pussies. The iron won’t take it easy on you because your boss kept you late at work, you missed a meal, or you were not in the mood to train that day. Two-hundred pounds is always going to weigh two-hundred pounds. If you start making excuses and telling yourself it might be a bad workout for whatever brand of bullshit is on your mind that day, you’re going to get buried. There’s no two ways about it. How you think is going to dictate how you perform. For better or for worse. If you’re apprehensive about what you came in the gym to do you’re not going to accomplish anything. Stay at home and play video games or go hang out at the mall, because doubtful thinking has no place in the weight room or in life in general. Making excuses for why you might have a bad workout is the best way to miss a set before you even step up to the bar.

Your state of mind absolutely affects who you are and what you will accomplish.

There’s no candy coating the self-destructive consequences of a weak-minded attitude. If you have any doubts about whether or not you’re going to move the weight or demolish a workout, you shouldn’t be there in the first place. My boy Rodney Roller said it best, “If you sit back and for one second think, give me an extra spot on this because I don’t know if I got it, you might as well go the fuck home because there’s no way you’re gonna get it done.” Bodybuilding is not a sport for wannabes scared to step up to the plate. Just like in ancient Rome, when you walk into the arena it’s kill or be killed.

The iron has no remorse about crushing you, or your dreams. If you want victory, you have to be mentally prepared to take it. Never hesitate. Never question what you’re capable of.

You’re stronger than you think, and immortality is on the horizon.

The only person holding you back is yourself.



—Contact Adam Legionary, Bodybuilder & Writer @ NHSwrestle@yahoo.com

You Too Can be a Silent Hero & Un-praised Champion

Mainstream media coverage and social acceptability are a seductive façade of what many may consider success.  But at Righteous Muscle, the end never justifies the means.

In order for the sports of natural bodybuilding and fitness to consistently and credibly push the realm of genetic possibility, it’s essential that leaders arise to spearhead doubt in a world often characterized by “can-NOTs,” impossibility, and skepticism.

Thankfully- leaders in this industry are not hard to come by.  In the sports of natural bodybuilding and fitness, and even more so in our daily lives- leaders are not made from public consensus.  Leadership is far from an exogenous characteristic bestowed upon a winning bodybuilder, fitness model, or individual.  Leadership is internal, personal, and present in all actions: big, small, essential, and unessential. You don’t have to have just won the WNBF World’s Overall Championship, for the power of the un-praised champion is equally capable, if not more capable of impacting this industry day-in and day-out.


So What’s the Secret?

The three keys to walking the path of an un-praised champion can be summed up as:

1.       Self-mastery

2.       A conscious choice

3.       No more excuses

First of all, a prerequisite to leading others is learning to lead oneself, a concept known as “self-mastery.”  Becoming a leader is more than finding material or financial success in natural bodybuilding & fitness, or in life, but finding oneself. How can leadership emerge from within, if what’s within remains a mystery?  Eventually, we must all ask ourselves the age-old questions: What do I stand for?  What do I believe in? For no journey to leadership can begin without a previous or simultaneous journey to self-discovery.  Your morals, ethics, and personal integrity will provide the cornerstone for your leadership values, actions, and words.

Second, actions speak louder than words.  We all know that talk is cheap.  What’s needed now is a conscious choice to live by your creed.  With your lifestyle in alignment with your principles, you become a living role model not only for fellow athletes in the sports of natural bodybuilding and fitness, but for individuals in your own community.

Lastly, the next time the phrases, “Let somebody else deal with it,” or “That’s not my responsibility,” start to creep into your stream of consciousness- remind yourself: IT STARTS WITH YOU.

That’s right- this is a call to arms. It’s time to live in responsibility instead of irresponsibility, order instead of anarchy, optimism instead of pessimism.  Just by living in the solution, one day at a time, we can all be silent heroes.

Release the un-praised champion in you!

Every year the Pro American and the Northeast Classic are the first to usher in the new season for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and its amateur league, the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation. 

Year after year on the stage of the infamous Marlboro Middle School competitors from across the country go head to head in the ultimate showdown of ambition, dedication, and often decades of hard work.  As the sports of natural bodybuilding, fitness and figure grow in popularity, so too does the level of competition- and 2010 was no exception.

As for myself, a late decision to compete combined with a half-hearted diet left me feeling disappointed- at best.  After three weeks of madness in order to step on stage without utter embarrassment, including 40 minute, double-session cardio workouts on less than 50 grams of carbohydrates daily, I came in flat and depleted, never mind the voluntary disintegration of the muscle I worked so hard in the off-season to refine.

A mistake I vow never to make again.

Although, in retrospect, making mistakes is something that every amateur does and will continue to do in this great sport.  For some of the hardest learned lessons- like true dedication-whether it’s to dieting, training, or your “natural” integrity, are best absorbed through failures.  As a competitive athlete, it’s not necessarily the taste of victory that has me continuously pushing it to the limit day in and day out.

Lucky for us this is a life-long endeavor, and one thing will always hold true- there’s always room for personal growth and self-improvement.

You never know what 2011 will bring…

–» Contact Me @ Andy@RighteousMuscle.com


INBF Northeast Classic Results

June 5, 2010
Marlborough Middle School – Marlborough, MA
Promoter: Nancy Andrew

Judges – Charlie Carollo (Head Judge), Jim Broderick, Sheila Resendes, Dennis Lee, Wendell Webb, Reynolds Shepherd, & Kim Nobrega

WNBF Pro Results:



1st  Dan Balsavich
2nd  Clement Yearwood
3rd Joe Valentino
4th Tim Pitka
5th  Mark Correa
6th  Scott Rawlings
7th  Wil Rivera
8th  Junior Seda


1st  Isaiah Southward*** OVERALL Winner

2nd  Greg Rando
3rd  Johnny Jones
4th  Chad Havunen
5th  Tyler English
6th  David Shanklin
7th  Joe Farese



1st  Toni West
2nd  Claire Holston
3rd Theresa Moloney
4th  Daisy Williams
5th  Karen Bell
6th  Sherry McBride
7th  Melina Bell
8th  Shannon Maxwell
9th Sue Manera

Pro Figure

1st  Liz Marcantonio
2nd  Melissa Kelley
3rd  Sharetta Bowden
4th  Tracie Euker
5th Candice McField
6th Sherri Caraccia
7th Tara Martin
8th  Lisa Catrett
9th  Paula Franklin

Pro Fit Body

1st  Sharetta Bowden
2nd  Melissa Kelley
3rd Liz Marcantonio
4th  Candice McField
5th  Tracie Eurker
6th  Sherry McBride
7th  Lisa Catrett
8th Tracey Storti


INBF Results:

Bikini SHORT

1. Kristie McCaffrey*** OVERALL WINNER
2. Jessica Jolivet
3. Sarah Jayne Palley
4. Dawn Bohenko
5. Christine Gesualdi
6. Jolene Roy
7. Sherri Benedetto
8. Tara Martin
9. Keri Mack

Bikini Tall

1. Kristin Dagilis
2. Melissa Turner
3. Kacie Freer
4. Stacy Schaedeles
5. Ashley Hannin
6. Kati Bloom
7. Kelly Hanson

Master’s Bikini

1. Brenda Donahue
2. Stacy Gillis
3. Christine Gesauldi
4. Dawn Sanders
5. Kim Barnes Jefferson

Teen Figure

1. Ericka Biagioni
2. Olivia Biagioni

Novice Figure Short

1. Christine Gesualdi
2. Sherri Benedetto
3. Cindy Giguere
4. Olivia Biagioni
5. Christine Carlo
6. Keri Mack
7. Janelle Arigo
8. Noreen Blanchette

Novice Figure Medium

1. Erin Coker*** OVERALL WINNER
2. Kristin Dagilis
3. Tara Lucier
4. Gina Stone
5. Ann Marie Sheridan
6. Trisha Muldoon
7. Nicole Rondon
8. Judy Oliver
9. Laura Noel

Novice Figure Tall

1. Stacy Schaedles
2. Brenda Donahue
3. Michalann Dancause
4. Ericka Biagioni
5. Tara Faria
6. Stacy Gillis
7. Amy Ledbetter
8. Michelle Dyson

Open Figure

1. Sarah Mitzel
2. Sharon Fillyaw
3. Thea Knust
4. Sandra Decker
5. Pam Murray
6. Kathleen Berney
7. Erin Duggan
8. Jen Brown

Master’s Figure

1. Brenda Donahue
2. Thea Knust
3. Christine Gesualdi
4. Cindy Giguere
5. Janelle Arigo
6. Stacy Gillis
7. Kathleen Berney
8. Christine Carlo
9. Judy Oliver

Classic Figure – Over 50 years old

1. Christine Carlo
2. Noreen Blanchette

Novice Women’s Bodybuilding

1. Tara Faria
2. Jennifer Finn
3. Wendy Chadwick
4. Diane Beliveau
5. Cynthia Truesdell

Open Women’s Lightweight

1. Tishona Miller *** OVERALL WINNER
2. Debbie LeCuyer
3. Tammy Downes
4. Lois August
5. Noreen Blanchette

Open Women’s Heavyweight

1. Brandy Schumaker
2. Dora Hartford

Master’s Women Bodybuilding

1. Tammy Downes
2. Lois August
3. Dora Hartford
4. Wendy Chadwick
5. Noreen Blanchette
6. Diane Beliveau
7. Cynthia Truesdell

Results from: www.NEClassic.com

Fit Body Short

1. Debbie LeCuyer *** OVERALL WINNER
2. Tammy Downes
3. Jody Waring
4. Gina Stone
5. Trisha Muldoon
6. Judy Oliver

Fit Body Tall

1. Erin Coker
2. Sarah Mitzel
3. Tara Faria
4. Michalann Dancause
5. Erin Duggan
6. Jen Brown
7. Ann Marie Sheridan

Master’s Fit Body

1. Tammy Downes
2. Lois August
3. Cindy Giguere
4. Thea Knust
5. Janelle Arigo
6. Noreen Blanchette
7. Judy Oliver

Novice Men Lightweight

1. Joe Hartfelder *** OVERALL WINNER
2. Keith Santangelo
3. Mark Boutin
4. Andrew  LaBonte
5. Timothy Lincoln
6. Al Letourneau

Novice Men Heavyweight

1. Daniel Collins
2. Michael Wilkie
3. Arthur Bacon
4. Steve Evangelas
5. Sarko Gergerian
6. Steve Higgins
7. Scott Dion

Open Men Lightweight

1. Diamond Harding
2. Darren Catalfamo
3. Don Ferrera
4. Steve Constantine
5. Mike Carter
6. George Murphy

Open Men Middleweight

1. Carlos Renfro *** OVERALL WINNER
2. Eric Rodriguez

3. Andy Kalinowski

4. Wade Winters
5. Leighton Edwards
6. Jim Ciampi
7. Omar Carter
8. Jimbo Gida
9. David Colvin
10. Eric Brown
11. Gerry Capone
12. Marsola Esow
13. Curtis Williams
14. John Troiano
15. Jay Villegas

Open Men Light Heavyweight

1. Rawle Springer
2. Kevin Richards
3. Chris Goodwin
4. Luke Shelley
5. David Hingston
6. Mike Selig

Open Men Heavyweight

1. Ray Ken Little
2. Bryant Mauer
3. Gerry Ruck
4. David O’Neil

Master’s Men

1. Carlos Renfro
2. Eric Rodriguez
3. Don Ferrera
4. Wade Winters
5. Steve Constantine
6. Jim Ciampi
7. Gerry Ruck
8. David Colvin
9. Gerry Capone
10. George Murphy
11. Steve Higgins
12. Chuck Yankee

Junior Men

1. Keith Santangelo
2. Jimbo Gida
3. Kevin Richards
4. Luke Shelley
5. Joe Perrone

Grandmaster’s Men

1. Al Pirela
2. Jay Villegas
3. David O’Neil
4. Dave Hingston
5. Mike Selig


“It’s 1:00PM already?!”

“Didn’t I set the alarm?”

Hurry Up!



Tired of having this familiar conversation time and time again?  Well if you’re not, we at RighteousMuscle certainly are!

Say goodbye to flying out of bed, whirlwind showers, and another commute on an empty stomach.

Wave adieu to pre-lunch hunger anxiety, and say hello to sustained productivity.  Introducing the first of many RighteousWhey protein shake favorites:

Mocha Morning!

Mocha Morning by RighteousWhey is the hunger curbing, energy packed source of all your essential breakfast nutrients.  Try one for yourself, and join us in:  TAKING BACK THE A.M!



1. Start with a mid to high performance blender,

or food processor.  Don’t be shy at your local department/appliance store!

A quality blender is more than a margarita magician, but an investment in yourself!

2. Add ½ cup milk and 1 cup brown rice together and begin blending on low.  Gradually add 1 cup of your favorite prepared coffee (hot or chilled).  Blend on low for 1 full minute.  Follow with blending on high for two full minutes.

3. Add almonds.

4. Gradually add two scoops of RighteousWhey protein while continuing to mix on low.

5. Sprinkle cinnamon to your taste buds delight and enjoy!

Now that’s a breakfast shake done the Righteous way!

***Mocha Morning is from the battle tested war chest of natural bodybuilder and fitness expert, Andy Kalinowski.

Click the Link below to access a text version of this recipe!

Mocha Morning Recipe


Did you ever wonder what’s being sold at your local gym’s juice bar?

Does your local area have a supplement store or health food restaurant?

Most, if not all of these locations, are the home to a nutritious variety of whey protein shakes, great for post-workout nutrition!  Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts know that making changes to their physique requires dedication and lots of hard work.  What isn’t as highly advertised is the importance of post-workout nutrition, especially in the form of RighteousWhey protein shakes.

After any intensive, muscle-taxing activity your body requires a scientifically proven blend of water, high and low-glycemic carbohydrates, instantized protein, and essential vitamins.  During any weight lifting or cardio vascular routine, muscle bellies beneath your skin are stretched and, if you’re successful, torn.  Causing microscopic tears within muscle fibers is the beginning of any transformation.

But, like a sculptor without clay, only part of the battle is tearing the muscle, the rest is supplying the materials to build them back up again.  Among the thousands of recipes which can be found across the web, only few can offer you the powerhouse of post-workout nutrition that your body requires, as well as great taste.

What Should Your Optimal Post-Workout Shake Contain?

  1. WATER (or water-based juice)- Water provides the quickest and most efficient transportation of essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and protein through the digestive system and to where you want them most- your aching muscles.  Other blending liquids, such as milk, contain counter-productive lactic acids and high levels of fat which not only induce cramping, but slow your body’s digestion and usage of what it needs.
  2. High and Low-Glycemic Carbohydrates- The average male who is looking to gain Righteous Muscle mass should aim for 100 grams of post-workout carbohydrates.  To prevent a massive insulin spike, which can lead to nausea and light headedness, 50 grams of carbohydrates should be low-glycemic.  The second 50 grams should be high-glycemic to rapidly replace your muscles depleted glycogen levels.  Females should follow the same split with a maximum of 50 total grams.
  3. Instantized RighteousWhey Protein- Instantized and concentrate whey protein are the preferred protein powders of choice versus whey protein isolate.  The former two blends are specially formulated to have the highest and quickest bioavailability- perfect for your post-workout needs. Isolate is often preferred as a pre-bedtime blend as it is slow-digesting, providing steady protein release into the early hours of the morning.
  4. Vitamins- It is common belief that 20min-30mins. post-workout your body acts as a giant sponge, absorbing and utilizing most if not all which you consume within this growth window.  Immediately post-workout is the ideal time to grab an extra multi-vitamin, scoop of L-Glutamine, or branched-chain amino acids.

Next time you find yourself wondering why everyone is congregating around the gym’s juice bar, you’ll know that besides socializing, their fulfilling their post-workout nutritional needs.  Pass over the next overly sugared smoothie you see and ask for a healthy RighteousWhey protein shake!

With RighteousWhey, you too can amp up your post-workout shakes!

When did lies become more profitable than the truth?

Where has modern chivalry gone?

Why are we addicted to instant gratification?

How did we ever stop caring about each other?

Sometimes I can afford a moment of clarity.  I can stop what I’m doing, sigh a deep breath, and think for awhile.  What I find is undeniably unfortunate, but never the less, it is our truth.

When I do find myself,

on another journey through my mind,

every time,

I am stricken with embarrassment.

Now please, don’t misunderstand, I’m partially embarrassed by myself, but I’m wholly embarrassed by our group we’ve come to call humanity.

Take a look around, tell me what you see.  If you’re fortunate enough, maybe you’ll see your loved ones, maybe your home, or the neighbor’s barking dog.  Some may see the city, an astounding achievement of human ingenuity and success.  There are many people, many people just like you.  They work for a living.  They’re commuting through traffic.  They’re mingling with co-workers and colleagues.  They shop and buy.  They love entertainment.  They love their family, and their friends.

Now look again.  What didn’t you see?

There’s a whole other world to the world we thought we knew.  It’s hidden from the marketplace in which we thrive.  One man has called it, the hidden abode of production.  We don’t see the mother who bartered her child’s future for food.  We don’t see the children working 80 hour weeks.  We don’t see the farmers toiling for no reward.  We don’t see those who produce

merely to survive.  We don’t see those who are carless, friendless, jobless, non-consuming, yet ever-producing, and dying…

Where has our humanity gone?

The most Righteous Muscle in your body is your heart.

Live Righteous. Find your integrity.  Re-join humanity.

It’s the simple things that matter:

Square something insignificant and it’ll grow exponentially.

  • Reduce excess consumption- Stick to necessities!

  • Buy fair trade products- It’s a small price to pay for freedom!

  • Follow through with your commitments- Split that lottery ticket!

  • Principles before personalities- Treat each other with respect and compassion!

  • Live for the benefit of society as a whole- Flush the unflushed toilet!

  • Reduce your carbon footprint- It’s your children’s planet too!

  • Be honest with yourself- You’re no longer ignorant.  You can make a difference!

Team Righteous Muscle

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The University of Massachusetts Amherst Fit1 Club is now the:

Team Righteous Muscle.

Embrace our Triple-L Concept:

“Lift, Lead, Live Strong.”

Click image to step up to the challenge.


Thinking Thick: “Arms Day”

Since its inception, Natural Bodybuilders from across the globe have claimed to have discovered the ultimate recipe for perfectly peaking, and possibly separated, biceps.  At first glance, these promotional chronicles seem factual, scientific, and seductive.  What natural bodybuilder wouldn’t want to add extra inches to their arms in just one vein pumping, skin splitting workout? Have you started taking mental notes?  Are you salivating yet?

Well it’s time to get realistic.

There’s nothing worse than wasting hours of precious training time, and a fist full of your hard earned cash, on nothing more than an effective marketing scheme.

At Righteous Muscle, we support training biceps the natural bodybuilding way, through hours of dedicated lifting, eating, and sleeping, combined with a brain twisting spectrum of variations.

Here are the four tips any Natural Bodybuilding Arms Day should consider:

  1. Rhythm

  2. Range of Motion

  3. Grip Variation

  4. The “Swing” Factor


The classic rhythm, or rep cadence, approach to most exercise programs is the “2-1-2.”  Meaning that two seconds are spent on the positive motion, one second is spent in the transitional phase, and two seconds on the negative motion.  This is the basic foundation for almost any introductory fitness program.  When training biceps, it’s vital to try different rep cadences to prevent your muscles from becoming rhythm tolerant.  My personal favorite rep cadence is the “1-2-3.” It’s great for the initial, positive explosion, followed by a two second isometric squeeze, and finished off with a three second, muscle depleting negative.

***Range of Motion:

Every day I see people accidentally cheating themselves out of fully developed pectorals, biceps, and quadriceps.  It’s especially difficult to maintain a next to full range of motion when you’re gasping for air, dehydrated, and depleted.  Although, training a complete range of motion for every set, may actually be training nothing at all. Every natural bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast is different, we all have unique muscle structures, and thus, we all need to practice to find our training, “sweet-spot.” For most athletes, the sweet-spot falls between 10 degrees shaved off of each extreme of the complete range of motion.

***Grip Variation:

Although doing hundreds of sets of bicep curls day in and day out may help your ego in the mirror, they’re equivalent to doing tricep extensions in their inability to add mass.  The ultimate weapon for putting thickness onto your arms is the straight-bar.  When engaging in straight-bar curls it’s essential to vary your grip throughout the exercise.  Try doing two sets with a shoulder width grip, two with a wide grip, and one with a thumb under grip.

***The “Swing” Factor:

Traditionally, natural bodybuilders have promoted the benefits of strong form.  Shoulders back!  Elbows to your sides!  NO SWINGING WITH YOUR BACK!  Today, there’s a new school of thought that’s gaining momentum.  The problem with always engaging in strict form is that you’re self-limiting your body to the strength of your weakest bicep muscle.  The bottom half of your bicep, the brachialis, which initiates the curl, is the culprit.  In the course of your workout, this muscle will reach depletion before the middle and top of the bicep, thus recruiting less muscle fiber to complete the agonizing lift.  In order to engage the full capacity of the strongest members of your bicep team, it’s acceptable to swing the bar up and past the limiting, lower bicep.

Incorporate these new insights to an arm-numbing workout, and you too can take your bicep routine to the next level of Righteous Muscle.

100% Whole Wheat, Sweet Potatoes, Barley, Oatmeal, Brown Rice?!

So, What Is All The Talk About Whole Grains?

Whether you’re watching 2:00am infomercials or turning the page of your latest edition of Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, the recent spot light that whole grains have been given is undeniable.  But just how recent are these modern methods of healthy living?

Promoting taste and profits over consumer health benefits, it’s apparent that the commercial food industry has been severely lagging in what the fitness community has known from its inception.

Natural Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast alike have been realizing the hidden potential of a diet high in whole grains show after show.

Our story begins with a false idea, one that the food industry has been profiting off of for the last century, that all carbohydrates are created equal.  In fact, the type of carbohydrate we consume can have a dramatically different result on not only our energy levels, but our waistlines.  These varying physiological responses have been measured and analyzed to create what’s known as the Glycemic Index, or GI.  A carbohydrate’s GI score is a ranking of these differences by their impact on blood glucose levels.  A synergy of research from the scientific and medical fields has lead to the conclusion that choosing a low-GI diet, carbohydrates with a minimal affect on blood glucose and insulin levels, is the key to reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, while aiding in sustained weight-loss.  Plus, whole grain products usually contain larger amounts of fiber and protein in comparison to their refined or enriched counterparts.

The Glycemic Index ranges from 1 to 100, with 1 representing the most immaterial change in blood glucose and insulin, i.e. the beneficial, and 100 representing the most profound change in blood glucose and insulin levels, i.e. the detrimental.  A GI of 70 and above represents High GI foods, 56 to 69 Medium GI foods, and 55 and below Low GI foods.

What are the benefits of eating Low GI foods?

  • Low GI carbs improve blood cholesterol levels
  • Low GI carbs minimize hunger and keep you feeling fuller longer
  • Low GI carbs optimize physical endurance
  • Low GI diets help people improve and manage their weight
  • Low GI carbs help reduce the risks of heart disease and diabetes
  • High GI carbs help refuel muscle cell’s glycogen levels after strenuous exercise

How to switch to a Low GI diet?

  • Changing breakfast cereals from sugar-coated to whole wheat, oats, and bran
  • Or better yet trying oatmeal or whole-grain cream of wheat
  • Swapping regular potatoes for sweet potatoes
  • Swapping brown for high GI white rice
  • Helping yourself to an extra serving of salad
  • Enjoying fruits in moderation

The benefits of integrating whole grains into your lifestyle are second to none!

Now That’s All The Talk About Whole Grains!

Check out one version of the Gylcemic Index by clicking here.