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By Tine Roycroft

Shrewsbury’s Andy Kalinowski is a modern day Superman.  During the day, commuters walk next to him through the cold, gray streets of the city as Kalinowski makes his way to his job as a public accountant.  In one hand, he has his trusty laptop.  In the other, he holds a bag filled with prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals for the day…because when Kalinowski hops into his phone booth to change into his alter-ego, he turns into a top body builder.

This spirited, intelligent 23 year-old spent his summer climbing his way to the top.

“I competed in the Northeast Classic ~ promoted by World Natural Bodybuilding Federation’s Pro Nancy Andrews.  I ended up winning the middle weight class,” Kalinowski says.  “Then, at the end of the night, I had my chance to win my pro card when I went up against all of the other winners of the night.  That’s what everyone is aiming for.  Only one pro card goes out per show.”

Having a pro card opens up a world of opportunities ~ the winner can then compete  in professional shows.  That’s where a bodybuilder or fitness competitor can win money, gain sponsorship from supplement companies, get publicity, grab shoots in magazines, and much more.

“I ended up coming in second.  I was all depressed!” Kalinowski remembers.  “But then I said, ‘Screw it.  I’m not going to give up.’  I had just dieted for 18 weeks.  So I traveled to Connecticut and did another show there; it was even more competitive.  I was harder, more ripped.  For that show, I ended up winning the entire thing and my pro card.”

Despite this great success, Kalinowski can’t kick back and take it easy.  He’s currently working 80 hours a week at his day job and, as a stipulation of the pro card, he needs to compete within the next year.  That means hitting the gym and staying disciplined about his diet.

But there is Kryptonite for this Shrewsbury Superman.  When he has a cheat meal, he makes it a good one.

“There’s a pizza place in Shrewsbury called Golden’s Pizza,” Kalinowski confesses.  “They have the best buffalo chicken calzone in the entire world.”

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As I walked off stage with the Novice Men Championship trophy, I realized that all the grueling dieting, a.m. cardio sessions, and posing routines had been worth it.  There wasn’t anything in the world that could have prepared me for the overwhelming feelings of satisfaction, excitement and pride in that moment.  I had reached my goal, once again, through genuine hard work and dedication to myself, and the lifestyle of natural, Righteous fitness.

Wading through the crowd, a man in a dark blue suit appeared before me.  With an outstretched hand and a business card, he congratulated me.  I will never forget what he said, ‘You looked great up there kid, work hard, don’t quit, you have a long and promising career in the world of INBF natural bodybuilding.”

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