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***2013 World Championships – 2nd Place Bantam-weight***

And lessons learned…

…The salty, tangy heat of the buffalo chicken calzone surrendered to an irritating buzz.  The dingy, local grub stop – complete with rusty rack of Wachusett potato chips and blue Mass lottery machine – evaporated before me.  Although blurry-eyed, my alarm clock’s laugh was undeniable.  It was 4:15AM again. I shook off the delirium and with it the taunting aroma of savory treats.  Piercing dawn’s serenity like a tetanus shot was the realization that that it was February 1staudit busy season – and 90 minutes of intense training lay between me and this morning’s Q4 operating reviews with my client’s CFO – I grinned.

Adorned with my laptop case, I heaved my college back pack already loaded with 6 precisely measured chicken breasts, steamed broccoli and Ezekiel flourless bread over my shoulder before setting out on the 38 mile trek from my home in Shrewsbury to my training facility in Waltham, MA.  Another productive session – my programming felt less taxing today.  4 weeks down and only 20 left until the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (“WNBF”) 2013 World Championships.

…The moment had arrived.  Blinded by yellow light, the halogen stage lamps of the World Championships flushed my skin.  After 7 years of training, 24 weeks of competition preparation and immeasurable hours dreaming, nothing could have prepared me for the 2,700 second battle that had begun… 2013 WNBF World Championships - Bantam-weight Top 5

In hindsight, through competition prep – helping my siblings, being there for my significant other, family and friends, building my career, serving professional services clients, volunteering in greater Boston, participating in Isenberg Alumni events, rehabilitating nagging injuries, and training as a WNBF Pro – follow through and balance have proven to be more essential than anyone could have convinced me.

Without undying commitment, engrained routine, follow through and balance, the 2013 WNBF World Championships and my second place victory would have been impossible.  Training as a WNBF Pro and balancing life - rising before dawn and 6:00am workouts have become as much a part of me as my own personality.  Life simply provides too many amazing opportunities and responsibilities that fill the night and weekend hours.  There are certainly times when the scales must be tipped – the final two weeks leading up to the big day – but for the majority of contest prep, balance has been essential for me.  Natural bodybuilding is undoubtedly one amazing aspect that makes up the person I am today; but now - as the competition season ends and while you’re strategizing for next year – take time to embrace the other aspects of who you are.

I want to reiterate as much for myself as for my fellow competitors out there - in the end, we are people like everyone else with commitments, responsibilities, families, friends, other hobbies and careers.  We undeniably share a special union; we are bound by our passion for fitness, competition, achievement and personal growth.

It’s clear to me though, that we share another equally – if not MORE important union – we are bound by our passion for life itself! NOW GO ENJOY IT!

2013 World Championships - Side Chest

2013 World Championships - Front Lat Spread

2013 World Championships - Rear Double-biceps

2013 World Championships - Side Tricep

2013 WNBF World Championship Results:
November 9th, 2013

Natural Bodybuilding Federation (“WNBF”) Homepage

Pro Figure Short

  1. Njeri McGill 5 points OVERALL WINNER
  2. Erin Gelinas 13 points
  3. Ashley Pereira 15 points
  4. Crystal Woods 22 points
  5. Tanya Williams 24 points
  6. Jennifer Sammartino 32 points
  7. Beverly Canteen 39 points
  8. Shanaz Izer 39 points
  9. Sherrie Bindon 42 points
  10. Sara Miccini 49 points
  11. Nadine Ianiello 53 points
  12. Sarah Hover 59 points
  13. Denise Abad 65 points

Pro Figure Tall

  1. Heather Drake 5 points
  2. Emily Wirling 12 points
  3. Fiona Groves 13 points
  4. Randi Preis 21 points
  5. Courtney McDonald 24 points
  6. Nikki Robbins 29 points
  7. Kimberly Braham 37 points
  8. Anna Lisa Ghirotti 44 points
  9. Shawn Webb 45 points
  10. Nicole Carrasco 49 points
  11. Lynn Rousseau 52 points
  12. Courtney Dyers 58 points

Pro Fitbody

  1. Robyn Mays 7 points
  2. Sharon Zaubi 12 points
  3. Tracy Rabbitt 14 points
  4. Sally Allgaier 19 points
  5. Kristin Stymiest 24 points
  6. Ali Mater 32 points
  7. Kandace Pardales 34 points
  8. Regina O�Brien 39 points

Pro Women Lightweight

  1. Irhasette McClean 7 points
  2. Kristin Fonseca 8 points
  3. Janet Esterkes 17 points
  4. Nicky Fogarty 21 points
  5. Sheila Zitano 25 points
  6. Pam Benoit 28 points
  7. Michele Parsons 37 points
  8. Maurissa Micci 44 points
  9. Janelle Arigo 45 points
  10. Valerie Worell 46 points
  11. Tracy Verdegan 56 points
  12. Lisa Miller 59 points

Pro Women Heavyweight

  1. Cathy Vail 6 points OVERALL WINNER
  2. Helen Stack 10 points
  3. Melissa Scott 14 points
  4. Erin Duggan 20 points
  5. Debbie Marcy 25 points
  6. Robin Berner 37 points
  7. Michelle Andrews 37 points
  8. Leslie Crook 38 points
  9. Rebecca Litschner
  10. Krystal Morgan White

Pro Men Bantamweight

  1. Mark Oakes 6 points
  2. Andy Kalinowski 10 points

  3. Rich Lauro 16 points
  4. Luigi Del Piano 19 points
  5. Patrick Harris 29 points
  6. Ivor Brown 32 points
  7. Tony Ruffin 34 points
  8. Davide Donato 35 points
  9. Gerardo DiGennaro 47 points
  10. Dutch Bulseco 48 points
  11. Mauro Copellini 55 points

Pro Men Lightweight

  1. Brian Whitacre 5 points
  2. Levi Burge 10 points
  3. Francisco Montealegre 15 points
  4. Ulysses Fowler 22 points
  5. Matt Viemeister 23 points
  6. Matteo Cresti 31 points
  7. Ahmed Rashed 37 points
  8. Andrew Scott 37 points

Pro Men Middleweight

  1. Shevon Cunningham 5 points OVERALL WINNER
  2. Erik Alstrup 10 points
  3. Sean Young 18 points
  4. Gerry Ruck 18 points
  5. Mitch Robinson 26 points
  6. Vic Cuzzupe 27 points

Pro Men Heavyweight

  1. Abraham Tchabe 5 points
  2. Richard Godzecki 10 points
  3. Hashim Evans 15 points
  4. Tishay Johnson 20 points
  5. Robin Johnson 26 points
  6. John Heart 31 points
  7. Anthony Spencer 34 points
  8. Jon Arnold 37 points

2012 WNBF/INBF Pro American & Northeast Classic 

On June 2, 2012 Andy Kalinowski stepped onto the World Natural Bodybuilding Stage for his pro debut- and he couldn’t have picked a better venue. Promoted by 3-time WNBF World Champion natural bodybuilder Nancy Andrews, the WNBF Pro American is one of the top WNBF shows year after year.

After twenty week of grueling contest prep through his first public accounting busy season, Andy arrived on stage boasting a symmetrical physique and his personal best conditioning.

On Friday June 1st Andy missed the lightweight cut-off by only a couple pounds; nevertheless, it was that very conditioning and symmetry that allowed him to fight his way up the heavyweight ranks, where he earned 4th place.


Contest Results:

2012 INBF Northeast Classic and WNBF Pro American Results
June 2, 2012
Marlborough, MA
Promoter: Nancy Andrews

Judges: Head Judge Dr. Rick Silverman, Jim Broderick, Jordan Chabinsky, Wendell Webb, John Yobst, Kim Nobrega, Laura Tourtellot, Julie Chapleau and Cara Volpicelli

Pro Figure

  1. Glory Billman
  2. Penny Seabolt
  3. Cyndy Bohn
  4. Melissa Joy Dittmar
  5. Tara Martin
  6. Suzanne Barlas
  7. Tina Peratino
  8. Nadine Ianello
  9. Monica Yarnall
  10. Lori Gianoulis

Pro Fit Body

  1. Kristin Fonseca
  2. Tina Peratino
  3. Cyndy Bohn
  4. Melissa Joy Ditmar
  5. Tammy Downes
  6. Erin Duggan
  7. Tricia Countie
  8. Suzanne Barlas
  9. Lori Gianoulis

Pro Women Bodybuilding

  1. Erin Duggan
  2. Kristin Fonseca
  3. Tammy Downes
  4. Leslie Crook
  5. Tricia Countie
  6. Theresa Maloney
  7. Daisy Williams

Pro Men Lightweight

  1. Ullysses Fowler
  2. Alex Groumbas
  3. Anthony Delgado
  4. Chris Casazza
  5. Sean Campbell
  6. Antonio Bongiovanni
  7. Eric Gibson
  8. Patrick Ngoma

Pro Men Heavyweight

  1. Francisco Montallegre*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Levi Burge
  3. Ray Little
  4. Andy Kalinowski
  5. Tim Pitka
  6. Chris Applegate
  7. Stu Yellin

Novice Bikini

  1. Kaleigh O’Neil
  2. Briane Corey
  3. Roberta Texiera
  4. Terin Draper
  5. Katie Keating
  6. Kristen Gramazio
  7. Daisy Sanchez
  8. Kelly Bornstein
  9. Jenna Marshall
  10. Rose Anderson
  11. Christine Foti
  12. Dianne Boisvert

Open Bikini

  1. Sarah Meyer
  2. Brittany Spearin
  3. Lupe Lomeli
  4. Lindsay Fitzgerald
  5. Kristen Sama
  6. Pam Trow
  7. Tracey Staehle
  8. Shannon Stanley
  9. Natasha Linton
  10. Kate Pickett
  11. Michelle Gergerian

Master’s Bikini

  1. Kelly Bornstein
  2. Tracey Staehle
  3. Donna Desper
  4. Robyn Mays
  5. Jen Jacek
  6. Angela Averi
  7. Judy Oliver
  8. Christine Foti
  9. Debbie Casey
  10. Joanne Gianini

Novice Figure Short

  1. Elisa Perez*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Chloe Fellman
  3. Andrea Kaligheri
  4. Sherri Benedetto
  5. Kate Pickett
  6. Dianne Boisvert
  7. Erica Gifford
  8. Gia Davis Harrison
  9. Amy Smith
  10. Linda Julien

Novice Figure Medium

  1. Terin Draper
  2. Amy Beth Baron
  3. Tracy Staehle
  4. Michelle Gergerian
  5. Kristin Stymiest
  6. Rose Anderson
  7. Donna Desper
  8. Jeanine Dziama
  9. Kellie Watts
  10. Julie Ayotte
  11. Debbie Casey
  12. Judy Oliver
  13. Jennifer Caron

Novice Figure Tall

  1. Robyn Mays
  2. Charlene Lyman
  3. Jennifer Finch
  4. Lisa Smith
  5. Naomi Godfrey
  6. Jennifer Burtt
  7. Susan Sintros
  8. Merideth Timony
  9. Jenna Marshall

Novice Master’s Figure Short

  1. Amy Beth Baron
  2. Tracey Staehle
  3. Jeanine Dziama
  4. Donna Desper
  5. Sherri Benedetto
  6. Gia Davis Harrison
  7. Judy Oliver
  8. Debbie Casey
  9. Donna Johnson
  10. Linda Julien
  11. Lori Trueman

Novice Master’s Figure Tall

  1. Robyn Mays
  2. Jennifer Napolitano
  3. Charlene Lyman
  4. Jolanta Godwod
  5. Lisa Smith
  6. Susan Sintros
  7. Naomi Godfrey
  8. Shari Marsh
  9. Debbie Burns

Open Figure Short

  1. Arielle Salasky
  2. Jamie Scarlett
  3. Shannon Stanley
  4. Pam Trow
  5. Heather Sanford
  6. Julie Harris
  7. Liisa Jackson

Open Figure Tall

  1. Emily Wirling*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Kerri Ernwein
  3. Darcy LaPila
  4. Jennifer Napolitano
  5. Nellie DaSilva
  6. Dierra Pernell
  7. Benetta Taylor
  8. Karine Pilon
  9. Beth Ann Hickey

Classic Figure

  1. Jolanta Godwod
  2. Ida Messerman
  3. Donna Johnson

Master’s Figure

  1. Benetta Taylor
  2. Heather Sanford
  3. Jennifer Jacek
  4. Julie Harris
  5. Beth Ann Hickey
  6. Liisa Jackson
  7. Linda Brodeur

Open Women’s Lightweight Bodybuilding

  1. Tammy Poirier*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Armen Kevorkian
  3. Dawn Brophy
  4. Kandace Pardales
  5. Jill Hetrick
  6. Carolyn Gaurino
  7. Laleh Talebian

Open Women’s Middleweight

  1. Janet Esterkes*** Additional WNBF Pro Card Winner
  2. Linda Mirabito
  3. Janelle Arigo
  4. Janet Wetzell Gieger
  5. Melissa Naegeli
  6. Poppy Gillingham
  7. Amy Korim

Open Women’s Heavyweight

  1. Isabelle Marois
  2. An Labb
  3. Lisa Kelly
  4. Lynn Drehobl
  5. Josie McClary
  6. Natalie Lynch
  7. Merilyn Pagen


Master’s Women Bodybuilding (40-46 Years)

  1. Tammy Poirier
  2. Dawn Brophy
  3. Janelle Arigo
  4. Kandace Pardales
  5. Josie McClary
  6. Janet Wetzel Greger
  7. Natalie Lynch
  8. Poppy Gillingham
  9. Laleh Talebian

Master’s Women Bodybuilding Over 46 years

  1. Janet Esterkes
  2. Armen Kevorkian
  3. Linda Mirabito
  4. An Labb
  5. Lynn Drehobl
  6. Lisa Kelly
  7. Jill Hetrick
  8. Carolyn Gaurino
  9. Melissa Naegeli
  10. Amy Korim

Fit Body Short

  1. Jamie Scarlett*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Isabelle Marois
  3. Kandace Pardales
  4. Chloe Fellman
  5. Andrea Kaligheri
  6. Julie Harris
  7. Carolyn Gaurino

Fit Body Tall

  1. Darcy Lapila
  2. Dierra Pernell
  3. Benetta Taylor
  4. Kristin Stymiest
  5. Karine Pilon
  6. Debbie Burns
  7. Beth Ann Hickey
  8. Liisa Jackson
  9. Kellie Watts

Master’s Fit Body

  1. Kandace Pardales
  2. Josie McClary
  3. Benetta Taylor
  4. Janelle Arigo
  5. Julie Harris
  6. Beth Ann Hickey
  7. Carolyn Gaurino
  8. Debbie Burns
  9. Linda Brodeur
  10. Gia Davis Harrison
  11. Liisa Jackson
  12. Lori Trueman


  1. Zach Gonzalez

Junior (Under 24 Years Old)

  1. Justin Randall
  2. Matt Klune
  3. Eric Berner
  4. Matt Wilbur
  5. Zack Gonzalez
  6. Michael Lambert
  7. Leroi Rodriguez
  8. Eddie O’Grady

Super Class (Over 60 Years)

  1. Reynolds Shepherd
  2. Frank Clark

Grandmaster’s Men

  1. Russell Young
  2. Reynolds Shepherd
  3. Frank Clark
  4. John Wozniak

Master’s Men

  1. Ramon Alicea
  2. Will Smith
  3. Don Ferrera
  4. Brian Regan
  5. Reynols Shepherd
  6. David Colonna
  7. Kyle Libby
  8. Cosmo Ferro
  9. Jason Bouchard
  10. Mark Storti

Novice Men

  1. Dwayne McClary
  2. Jared Welcome
  3. Matt Wilbur
  4. Zachery Saad
  5. Sarko Gergerian
  6. David Colonna
  7. Cosmo Ferro
  8. Jason Bouchard
  9. John Wozniak

Open Men Lightweight

  1. Don Ferrera
  2. Justin Randall
  3. Ramon Alicea
  4. Phoung Dang
  5. Andrew Cost
  6. Carlos Silva
  7. Mark Storti

Open Men Middleweight

  1. Jesse Wilson
  2. Andrew Scott
  3. Matt Klune
  4. Reynolds Shepherd
  5. Brian Regan
  6. Zack Gonzalez
  7. Eric Berner
  8. Alfonso Mendoza

Open Men Light Heavyweight

  1. Jonathan Arnold*** OVERALL WINNER
  2. Vic Cuzzupe
  3. Kevin Richards
  4. Peter Munoz Bennett
  5. Joel Bayas
  6. Kurt Berner

Open Men Heavyweight

  1. Will Smith
  2. Russell Young
  3. Donnie Talley
  4. Michael Lambert
  5. Joe Malinn

By Tine Roycroft

Shrewsbury’s Andy Kalinowski is a modern day Superman.  During the day, commuters walk next to him through the cold, gray streets of the city as Kalinowski makes his way to his job as a public accountant.  In one hand, he has his trusty laptop.  In the other, he holds a bag filled with prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals for the day…because when Kalinowski hops into his phone booth to change into his alter-ego, he turns into a top body builder.

This spirited, intelligent 23 year-old spent his summer climbing his way to the top.

“I competed in the Northeast Classic ~ promoted by World Natural Bodybuilding Federation’s Pro Nancy Andrews.  I ended up winning the middle weight class,” Kalinowski says.  “Then, at the end of the night, I had my chance to win my pro card when I went up against all of the other winners of the night.  That’s what everyone is aiming for.  Only one pro card goes out per show.”

Having a pro card opens up a world of opportunities ~ the winner can then compete  in professional shows.  That’s where a bodybuilder or fitness competitor can win money, gain sponsorship from supplement companies, get publicity, grab shoots in magazines, and much more.

“I ended up coming in second.  I was all depressed!” Kalinowski remembers.  “But then I said, ‘Screw it.  I’m not going to give up.’  I had just dieted for 18 weeks.  So I traveled to Connecticut and did another show there; it was even more competitive.  I was harder, more ripped.  For that show, I ended up winning the entire thing and my pro card.”

Despite this great success, Kalinowski can’t kick back and take it easy.  He’s currently working 80 hours a week at his day job and, as a stipulation of the pro card, he needs to compete within the next year.  That means hitting the gym and staying disciplined about his diet.

But there is Kryptonite for this Shrewsbury Superman.  When he has a cheat meal, he makes it a good one.

“There’s a pizza place in Shrewsbury called Golden’s Pizza,” Kalinowski confesses.  “They have the best buffalo chicken calzone in the entire world.”

Check out the original article here.

It’s that time of the year again…

Time to get back into the competition mindset, to hit the weights with renewed vigor, and take the intensity to the next level- not to mention getting back on the pre-contest diet, counting macros and weighting food.

Last year is gone, there’s no use in talking about the would haves, could haves, and should haves.  Although I left the stage in 2010 knowing that I could have been better, much better, I did walk away with something useful- a lesson.  A lesson in disappointment, in what happens when you half-heartedly attempt to step foot on the bodybuilding and figure stage.  And let me remind you… the lights are UNFORGIVING.

Welcome 2010 competition season.

This is MY year.

The Clay…ready to be sculpted…

-16 weeks out: Northeast Classic 2011

Current Macros:

Protein: consistent around 300 grams daily

Carbs: On a 4-day cycle: 260, 230, 200, 170

Fat: 60 grams daily

1 DAY Out:


Here’s an update of the latest fitness and meal plan macros:

Peak week went well, but there’s always room for fine tuning the nutritional, exercise, and supplemental regimen.  Over the course of the last week I’ve been micromanaging sodium, potassium, water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, supplements, and weight and cardiovascular training.

Why you may be wondering…

To achieve the fullest, driest, most vascular and impressive physique my hard work and genetics will allow.

Carbs: depleted and reloaded- Only Whole grain brown rice

protein: 300 grams- Boiled Chicken and Limited RighteousWhey Protein

Fat: under 30 grams- Flax Seed Oil

Meals: 7

Andy Kalinowski: Rear Double Biceps

Andy Kalinowski: Rear Lat Spread

Andy Kalinowski: Abdominals


2 Weeks Out:

Here’s an update of the latest fitness and meal plan macros:

Still harnessing the power of the four day bodybuilding split(check out the previous article), but added A.M. and P.M. Cardio, (a brisk walk on an incline), for 40 minutes each session, five days a week.

Carbs: 150grams- Only Whole grain brown rice and oatmeal

Protein: 350grams- Grilled Chicken and RighteousWhey Protein

Fat: under 40 grams- Natural Peanut Butter and Flax Seed Oil

Meals: 7

Andy Kalinowski: Front Double Biceps

Andy Kalinowski: Front Lat Spread

Andy Kalinowski: Side-Chest

Andy Kalinowski: Rear Double Biceps

Andy Kalinowski: Rear Lat Spread


3.5 Weeks Out:

Here’s an update of the latest fitness and meal plan macros:

Still harnessing the power of the four day bodybuilding split(check out the previous article), but added A.M. Cardio, (a brisk walk on an incline), for 40 minutes, five days a week, and 30mins post-workout.

Carbs: 250grams- Only Whole grain brown rice and oatmeal

Protein: 350grams- Grilled Chicken, tuna, and RighteousWhey Protein

Fat: under 50 grams- Natural Peanut Butter and Flax Seed Oil

Meals: 7

Andy Kalinowski: Front Double Biceps

Andy Kalinowski: Front Lat Spread

Andy Kalinowski: Side-Chest

Andy Kalinowski: Rear Double Biceps

Andy Kalinowski: Rear Lat Spread


The Transformation: Fueling a Competition-Quality Physique

People often ask me how I turned my average body into a competition physique.

I tell them that it’s not about the bizarre supplements promising a Jay Cutler build in 30 days, or the intensive workout designed by Arnold himself – it’s what you eat to fuel your muscle gains.  I’ll be blunt, I don’t eat clean year round, but here is the foundation of my cutting diet at a glance, (not including peak week- that’s for another post):

Most of the absurd amount of protein I consume comes from:

**Whey protein shakes:

BUYBULKWHEY.com or, if you’re in Amherst, contact me to buy directly.

-Most often shaken with water, but blended with fruit juice and a banana post workout

**Grilled chicken breast:

-Generic Brand (I’m no millionaire)

-Sauteed in a pan with E.V.O.O. spray, garlic, and lemon juice


-Generic Solid White In Water

-Straight from the can with salt and pepper

Lean pork tenderloin:

-Store Brands

-Pan seared with salt and pepper

Lean steak:

-Store Brands

-Grilled and seasoned to delight

I opt to get the majority of my daily carbohydrate intake from whole grains, mostly brown rice and oatmeal.  My average diet contains 350 grams of carbohydrates, 350 grams of protein daily spread across 7 meals, with the majority of the carbs before 7pm.                                                                                                                     

Initially, trying to incorporate this rigorous diet into my already busy life was a little overwhelming. How was I going to measure and record food?  Would my boss have a problem with me taking short breaks to slam down a 50g protein shake?  How was I not only going to transport my food, but store it throughout the day and week within an office setting? Needless to say, there were many challenges I needed to face throughout each day in order to ensure my success.  Among my friends, family, fellow students, and co-workers there was a wide variety of reactions to my new bodybuilding lifestyle. To some, it was intimidating, to others, it was interesting yet bizarre. Of course, I can’t forget the skeptics.  As much as it annoys me to admit it, there are and will probably always be that group of uninformed naysayers who see a pumped vein and a striated shoulder and scream anabolic steroids.

In the end… It’s all about how you choose to fuel your Righteous Muscle.