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Every year the Pro American and the Northeast Classic are the first to usher in the new season for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and its amateur league, the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation. 

Year after year on the stage of the infamous Marlboro Middle School competitors from across the country go head to head in the ultimate showdown of ambition, dedication, and often decades of hard work.  As the sports of natural bodybuilding, fitness and figure grow in popularity, so too does the level of competition- and 2010 was no exception.

As for myself, a late decision to compete combined with a half-hearted diet left me feeling disappointed- at best.  After three weeks of madness in order to step on stage without utter embarrassment, including 40 minute, double-session cardio workouts on less than 50 grams of carbohydrates daily, I came in flat and depleted, never mind the voluntary disintegration of the muscle I worked so hard in the off-season to refine.

A mistake I vow never to make again.

Although, in retrospect, making mistakes is something that every amateur does and will continue to do in this great sport.  For some of the hardest learned lessons- like true dedication-whether it’s to dieting, training, or your “natural” integrity, are best absorbed through failures.  As a competitive athlete, it’s not necessarily the taste of victory that has me continuously pushing it to the limit day in and day out.

Lucky for us this is a life-long endeavor, and one thing will always hold true- there’s always room for personal growth and self-improvement.

You never know what 2011 will bring…

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INBF Northeast Classic Results

June 5, 2010
Marlborough Middle School – Marlborough, MA
Promoter: Nancy Andrew

Judges – Charlie Carollo (Head Judge), Jim Broderick, Sheila Resendes, Dennis Lee, Wendell Webb, Reynolds Shepherd, & Kim Nobrega

WNBF Pro Results:



1st  Dan Balsavich
2nd  Clement Yearwood
3rd Joe Valentino
4th Tim Pitka
5th  Mark Correa
6th  Scott Rawlings
7th  Wil Rivera
8th  Junior Seda


1st  Isaiah Southward*** OVERALL Winner

2nd  Greg Rando
3rd  Johnny Jones
4th  Chad Havunen
5th  Tyler English
6th  David Shanklin
7th  Joe Farese



1st  Toni West
2nd  Claire Holston
3rd Theresa Moloney
4th  Daisy Williams
5th  Karen Bell
6th  Sherry McBride
7th  Melina Bell
8th  Shannon Maxwell
9th Sue Manera

Pro Figure

1st  Liz Marcantonio
2nd  Melissa Kelley
3rd  Sharetta Bowden
4th  Tracie Euker
5th Candice McField
6th Sherri Caraccia
7th Tara Martin
8th  Lisa Catrett
9th  Paula Franklin

Pro Fit Body

1st  Sharetta Bowden
2nd  Melissa Kelley
3rd Liz Marcantonio
4th  Candice McField
5th  Tracie Eurker
6th  Sherry McBride
7th  Lisa Catrett
8th Tracey Storti


INBF Results:

Bikini SHORT

1. Kristie McCaffrey*** OVERALL WINNER
2. Jessica Jolivet
3. Sarah Jayne Palley
4. Dawn Bohenko
5. Christine Gesualdi
6. Jolene Roy
7. Sherri Benedetto
8. Tara Martin
9. Keri Mack

Bikini Tall

1. Kristin Dagilis
2. Melissa Turner
3. Kacie Freer
4. Stacy Schaedeles
5. Ashley Hannin
6. Kati Bloom
7. Kelly Hanson

Master’s Bikini

1. Brenda Donahue
2. Stacy Gillis
3. Christine Gesauldi
4. Dawn Sanders
5. Kim Barnes Jefferson

Teen Figure

1. Ericka Biagioni
2. Olivia Biagioni

Novice Figure Short

1. Christine Gesualdi
2. Sherri Benedetto
3. Cindy Giguere
4. Olivia Biagioni
5. Christine Carlo
6. Keri Mack
7. Janelle Arigo
8. Noreen Blanchette

Novice Figure Medium

1. Erin Coker*** OVERALL WINNER
2. Kristin Dagilis
3. Tara Lucier
4. Gina Stone
5. Ann Marie Sheridan
6. Trisha Muldoon
7. Nicole Rondon
8. Judy Oliver
9. Laura Noel

Novice Figure Tall

1. Stacy Schaedles
2. Brenda Donahue
3. Michalann Dancause
4. Ericka Biagioni
5. Tara Faria
6. Stacy Gillis
7. Amy Ledbetter
8. Michelle Dyson

Open Figure

1. Sarah Mitzel
2. Sharon Fillyaw
3. Thea Knust
4. Sandra Decker
5. Pam Murray
6. Kathleen Berney
7. Erin Duggan
8. Jen Brown

Master’s Figure

1. Brenda Donahue
2. Thea Knust
3. Christine Gesualdi
4. Cindy Giguere
5. Janelle Arigo
6. Stacy Gillis
7. Kathleen Berney
8. Christine Carlo
9. Judy Oliver

Classic Figure – Over 50 years old

1. Christine Carlo
2. Noreen Blanchette

Novice Women’s Bodybuilding

1. Tara Faria
2. Jennifer Finn
3. Wendy Chadwick
4. Diane Beliveau
5. Cynthia Truesdell

Open Women’s Lightweight

1. Tishona Miller *** OVERALL WINNER
2. Debbie LeCuyer
3. Tammy Downes
4. Lois August
5. Noreen Blanchette

Open Women’s Heavyweight

1. Brandy Schumaker
2. Dora Hartford

Master’s Women Bodybuilding

1. Tammy Downes
2. Lois August
3. Dora Hartford
4. Wendy Chadwick
5. Noreen Blanchette
6. Diane Beliveau
7. Cynthia Truesdell

Results from: www.NEClassic.com

Fit Body Short

1. Debbie LeCuyer *** OVERALL WINNER
2. Tammy Downes
3. Jody Waring
4. Gina Stone
5. Trisha Muldoon
6. Judy Oliver

Fit Body Tall

1. Erin Coker
2. Sarah Mitzel
3. Tara Faria
4. Michalann Dancause
5. Erin Duggan
6. Jen Brown
7. Ann Marie Sheridan

Master’s Fit Body

1. Tammy Downes
2. Lois August
3. Cindy Giguere
4. Thea Knust
5. Janelle Arigo
6. Noreen Blanchette
7. Judy Oliver

Novice Men Lightweight

1. Joe Hartfelder *** OVERALL WINNER
2. Keith Santangelo
3. Mark Boutin
4. Andrew  LaBonte
5. Timothy Lincoln
6. Al Letourneau

Novice Men Heavyweight

1. Daniel Collins
2. Michael Wilkie
3. Arthur Bacon
4. Steve Evangelas
5. Sarko Gergerian
6. Steve Higgins
7. Scott Dion

Open Men Lightweight

1. Diamond Harding
2. Darren Catalfamo
3. Don Ferrera
4. Steve Constantine
5. Mike Carter
6. George Murphy

Open Men Middleweight

1. Carlos Renfro *** OVERALL WINNER
2. Eric Rodriguez

3. Andy Kalinowski

4. Wade Winters
5. Leighton Edwards
6. Jim Ciampi
7. Omar Carter
8. Jimbo Gida
9. David Colvin
10. Eric Brown
11. Gerry Capone
12. Marsola Esow
13. Curtis Williams
14. John Troiano
15. Jay Villegas

Open Men Light Heavyweight

1. Rawle Springer
2. Kevin Richards
3. Chris Goodwin
4. Luke Shelley
5. David Hingston
6. Mike Selig

Open Men Heavyweight

1. Ray Ken Little
2. Bryant Mauer
3. Gerry Ruck
4. David O’Neil

Master’s Men

1. Carlos Renfro
2. Eric Rodriguez
3. Don Ferrera
4. Wade Winters
5. Steve Constantine
6. Jim Ciampi
7. Gerry Ruck
8. David Colvin
9. Gerry Capone
10. George Murphy
11. Steve Higgins
12. Chuck Yankee

Junior Men

1. Keith Santangelo
2. Jimbo Gida
3. Kevin Richards
4. Luke Shelley
5. Joe Perrone

Grandmaster’s Men

1. Al Pirela
2. Jay Villegas
3. David O’Neil
4. Dave Hingston
5. Mike Selig


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