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You Too Can be a Silent Hero & Un-praised Champion

Mainstream media coverage and social acceptability are a seductive façade of what many may consider success.  But at Righteous Muscle, the end never justifies the means.

In order for the sports of natural bodybuilding and fitness to consistently and credibly push the realm of genetic possibility, it’s essential that leaders arise to spearhead doubt in a world often characterized by “can-NOTs,” impossibility, and skepticism.

Thankfully- leaders in this industry are not hard to come by.  In the sports of natural bodybuilding and fitness, and even more so in our daily lives- leaders are not made from public consensus.  Leadership is far from an exogenous characteristic bestowed upon a winning bodybuilder, fitness model, or individual.  Leadership is internal, personal, and present in all actions: big, small, essential, and unessential. You don’t have to have just won the WNBF World’s Overall Championship, for the power of the un-praised champion is equally capable, if not more capable of impacting this industry day-in and day-out.


So What’s the Secret?

The three keys to walking the path of an un-praised champion can be summed up as:

1.       Self-mastery

2.       A conscious choice

3.       No more excuses

First of all, a prerequisite to leading others is learning to lead oneself, a concept known as “self-mastery.”  Becoming a leader is more than finding material or financial success in natural bodybuilding & fitness, or in life, but finding oneself. How can leadership emerge from within, if what’s within remains a mystery?  Eventually, we must all ask ourselves the age-old questions: What do I stand for?  What do I believe in? For no journey to leadership can begin without a previous or simultaneous journey to self-discovery.  Your morals, ethics, and personal integrity will provide the cornerstone for your leadership values, actions, and words.

Second, actions speak louder than words.  We all know that talk is cheap.  What’s needed now is a conscious choice to live by your creed.  With your lifestyle in alignment with your principles, you become a living role model not only for fellow athletes in the sports of natural bodybuilding and fitness, but for individuals in your own community.

Lastly, the next time the phrases, “Let somebody else deal with it,” or “That’s not my responsibility,” start to creep into your stream of consciousness- remind yourself: IT STARTS WITH YOU.

That’s right- this is a call to arms. It’s time to live in responsibility instead of irresponsibility, order instead of anarchy, optimism instead of pessimism.  Just by living in the solution, one day at a time, we can all be silent heroes.

Release the un-praised champion in you!


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