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March 25, 2010

Lead (verb) 1. to go before or with, to show the way. 

The salty, tangy heat of the buffalo chicken calzone gave way to an irritating buzz, suddenly the dingy local grub stop- with its rusty rack of Wachusett Brand potato chips and blue, Mass lottery vending machine- evaporated around me. Although blurry-eyed, the clock was unmistakably laughing at me. It was 4:15am- again. With the taunting aroma of pizzas and hot sauce still lingering, I shook off the delirium. Like a tetanus shot- sterility pierced the air with my newfound realization.  It was February 1 and busy season was well underway- I winced.


4:30am- Meal  1 of 8: Pretraining nutrition- 40 grams of carbs: oatmeal, 30 grams of protein: chocolate whey, mix with a little water and sugar-free maple syrup, cook to paste, 2 minutes to eat.


To the fridge- I grab my old back pack and load in 4 portioned grilled chicken salads, and Ezekiel flourless bread- cardboard.  Routine is my best friend- fresh dress shirt and laptop in the trunk from the night before.


With each swing of the elliptical I feel my tired hamstrings ache, and remember their voices… 


“Andy- man- I like you, and you’re a first year- so I’ll sugar-coat this- trying to compete as a natural bodybuilder is going to be hard enough, but dieting and training for your Pro Debut Competition through busy season- dude, it’s just impossible.”


…The weights felt light today.  4 weeks and 5 pounds down- 16 weeks to go- I can almost feel the halogen stage lights warming my skin.


Leadership, to lead, is as simple as setting a goal, getting up every morning, and against all odds, pursuing that goal with unrivaled passion.


The root of leadership shouldn’t be lead, but find- that is: find your passion.


From its humble beginnings… A UMass Amherst dorm room:


Righteous Muscle 

Welcomes YOU!

Embrace Our Triple-L Concept:

Lift, Lead, Live Strong.”



Mission Statement:

The mission of Team Righteous Muscle is to promote to the diverse, global community the all encompassing nature of fitness, and empower individuals to be motivated and self-confident in their careers through achieving unique, fitness goals.

Looking to a Stronger Future-  


-          To decrease the obesity rate in our local communities, and to promote a higher quality of life through balanced health.

-          To help willing individuals achieve increased self-esteem reaching their unique, short-term and life-long fitness goals.  We know that this, in turn, has a domino effect, increasing confidence in all areas of life, (academically, socially, professionally, etc.)

-          To bring like-minded, yet diverse individuals together who embrace the “Triple-L” concept.

-          To prove that fitness can be alternative to drugs and alcohol, and that there are genuine benefits to be gained through fitness. Unfortunately, excessive drug and alcohol consumption has become not only a part of college culture, but a national human past time.  The goal at Righteous Muscle is to provide an outlet for support- proving that there are not only substitutes- but adventures to be had beyond the bottle…

-          To promote events which champion our “Triple-L” concept through natural bodybuilding, figure, and fitness competitions, including industry speakers and motivational/educational seminars.

-          To expand and enhance the “Triple-L” concept, through the internet, and to the public at large.

***Joining this social movement is as simple as making your PLEDGE to:

“Lift, Lead, & Live Strong.”

Start Today.

Make your conscious choice,

Do your part;

Become a physical, personal, moral,


–» As the founder of Righteous Muscle, and an avid member, I’m always available for support and guidance.

–» Additionally, I’m available for motivational speaking seminars with a focus on self-empowerment (for me- through fitness), leadership, living strong.

–» Contact me, Andy Kalinowski, at Andy@RighteousMuscle.com