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WNBF Pro Andy Kalinowski

February 10, 2010

Andy Kalinowski, WNBF Pro & Elite Bronzing Athlete

Post 2013 World Championships - Reg Bradford

Competitor Bio:

…but from day one, I was determined to work hard and compete alongside the best.  I grew up on Little League and Pop Warner Football, and started lifting weights my freshman year of high school. I remember going to The Sports Authority and convincing my dad to buy me my first Weider Olympic Bench set for the basement. For the freshman football fitness test I had to rep out 135.  I could barely press 90lbs going into the summer, but by late August I impressed everyone with a full ten reps at 135.  Later that year, I was awarded Shrewsbury High School’s Most Fit Athlete after completing a rigorous fitness test.  In an unfortunate turn of events, I blew out my ACL and MCL ligaments in my knee returning a kickoff. My friends and coaches saw it as the end of my athletic career, but my doctors, my family and I – we never gave up.  After surgery and months of grueling physical therapy, I was able to return to football, and that year began rowing crew.  It was on that varsity shell, where eight brothers live or die by their united will, and tenths of a second  can make or break it, that’s where I learned to hit the wall, and scale it.  Crew came to end with high school, and within a month or two,  I felt  it – that familiar drive to work towards a goal and be a part of something.  That’s when I met one of my best friends, and started my 5 days a week training routine.

In 2007, living in Malden, Massachusetts, I was away from home for the first time in 18 years. When I walked through that torn screen door, I was the second smallest guy out of my eleven new roommates and a mere 155lbs soaking wet. It was in that drab, aging kitchen that I was given my first whey protein shaker cup.  It belonged to a cut-up, 200lb lifter and amateur MMA fighter. I couldn’t have imagined in that moment how much of a positive influence this individual would be in my life.  The shaker, once clear plastic, was opaque from the scratches of a hundred washings. Its logo although worn was still legible; ‘Precision Engineered’ it read.  In that kitchen, my friend impressed upon me, “Get it in you – it’s not about taste or enjoyment, it’s about nutrition and positive results.”  That moment was many years ago and I still have that shaker today.  It’s a little more rugged and the logo has completely faded, but the meaning remains. Today I strive to be precision engineered.

Building Drug-free, Righteous Muscle:

When we’re young, we can’t help but be naive.  I was no exception. As a kid, my heroes were the touchdown stars, the home-run hitters, the army commando actors. I thought they were the real thing – living, breathing incredible hulks. Men who were always pushing it to the limit and beyond. I didn’t know then how one’s body and mind could be altered by performance enhancing substances… Today, I cut my own path through the fog of mainstream professional athletics/bodybuilding to something different, something genuine.  It’s more than a one-time choice; it’s a personal commitment each day to remain drug-free and out of the spotlight of performance enhancing substances.

At the end of the day, we only have one body and one life.  Join me and build your Righteous Muscle.

With Hayzer Cayli - 2012 WNBF Overall World Champion

Although my personal natural bodybuilding journey began in 2009 the day I earned 1st place in the Novice Men’s Middleweight category and became the INBF Northeast Classic, Overall Novice Champion – it continues today.  I apply the same level of passion and commitment I learned as a natural bodybuilding competitor to all my endeavors – from academic studies at the Isenberg School of Management, to a career in public accounting, to volunteer work across greater Boston.  Currently, you can find me training hard at Boston Sports Club – South End near my home in Boston, MA.

Contest History & Rankings:

–» 2009 INBF Northeast Classic- Novice Men’s Middleweight 1st place & Overall
–» 2010 INBF Northeast Classic- Open Men’s Middleweight 3rd place
–» 2011 INBF Northeast Classic- Open Men’s Middleweight 1st place
–» 2011 INBF Natural Connecticut- Open Men’s Middleweight 1st place & Overall (WNBF Pro Card Winner)
–» 2012 WNBF Pro American- Pro Men’s Heavyweight 4th place
–» 2013 WNBF Pro Shootout- Pro Men’s Overall 1st pace
–» 2013 ENBF World Championships- Pro Men’s Bantam-weight 2nd place


–» 2016 WNBF Pro Worlds


–» Matching dedication and hard work with high quality competition color, the Elite Bronzing Team and I are taking it to the limit and beyond. 

Elite Bronzing - Competition Spray Tanning


–» Speaker series & seminars; focus on goal setting, self-empowerment and leadership
–» 1-on-1 training; 1.5hr private session -  benefit from first hand knowledge and experience
Contact me, Andy Kalinowski, at Andy@RighteousMuscle.com

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